Freshwater aquarium fish species, requirements, and care

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The aquarium fish found in planted aquariums comfortable habitat and a safe place to live, as the natural plants provide them with shelter, good surfaces where to place your set, and a natural environment in which to deploy their behavior as they would in their rivers or source ponds.

Freshwater aquarium fish freshwater usually comes from habitats where the space is naturally reduced as small lakes, ponds, or streams of the river where the channel is not too strong and there is abundant vegetation.

Reproducing the natural conditions of freshwater aquarium fish (both tropical and temperate) is relatively easy, and they adapt well to aquarium life if we give them good filtration and oxygenation.

The territoriality is one of the most characteristic behaviors of many fish freshwater aquariums.

In a planted aquarium we offer the fish the opportunity to display this natural behavior, by providing them with plants, rocks, and logs where they can delimit their “territories”.

This is extremely beneficial as it reduces the stress levels of aquarium fish, and provides a healthy environment for them.

Freshwater planted aquarium fishThe different species of freshwater aquarium fish have very different habits, and they must be taken into account when choosing and introducing them into the planted aquarium.

The type of aquarium plants that we have previously introduced into the tank must also be taken into account.

Aquarium fish and aquatic plants that share the same tank must have the same range of optimal parameters, that is, they must be able to live in conditions of temperature, lighting, hardness or alkalinity of the water, etc.).

Therefore,  knowing the physiological characteristics of freshwater aquarium fish is essential to successfully mount your project.

Best aquarium fish for fish tank with natural plants

The best fish for a planted aquarium are those that have the same physiological requirements as the natural plants in the tank and are not harmful to them, those that adapt to the available space and are compatible with other species of freshwater aquarium fish.

The most compatible aquarium fish with each other (in terms of behavior) are those that are not aggressive due to their territoriality, and also those that occupy different “roles”  or spaces within the aquarium.

Tropical planted aquarium fish, for example, there are freshwater aquarium fish that swim mainly through the bottom of the tank, removing the gravel (such as those of the genus Corydoras ), or others that like to stick with the rock bottom of the tank.  the surface of the leaves of large plants and eat the algae. epiphytes.

Certain species prefer to stay close to the surface  (such as betta fish, or guppies and mollies ) and are very compatible with floating plants.

It is interesting to diversify in terms of species and keep the different roles covered, allowing more freedom of movement for the different types of fish in a planted aquarium.

But in certain styles of waterscapes, as in the  Iwagumi Aquarium, fish do not have a starring role.

In these cases, few species of aquarium fish are usually introduced, preferably of gregarious behavior  (swimming in schools) to accentuate the effect of the underwater landscape, and there is usually no problem of incompatibility between species.

Tropical freshwater aquarium fish for aquascaping

Depending on the style of aquarium that we want to maintain, we will introduce one type of fish or another. In this sense, you may be interested in knowing what aquascaping has to say about aquarium fish.

In the “Aquarium fish” section we talk about all species of freshwater tropical fish, and cold water aquarium fish, emphasizing the feeding, breeding, and keeping sick fish.

We discover the role that aquarium fish play in aquascaping so that you do not miss anything. We analyzed all the online aquarium stores where you can buy freshwater fish, and we discovered the best prices and opinions of the aquarists.

Freshwater tropical fish

The tropical freshwater fish aquarium comes from regions where the water temperature is relatively high, without sharp fluctuations over the year.

Therefore, for the care and maintenance of tropical aquarium fish, heaters and thermostats are used, which regulate the temperature of the aquarium and prevent situations of physiological stress that are harmful to the animals.

Discus fish planted aquarium fish.

Freshwater tropical fish are surprising for their beauty, color, and shape, their cheap price, and their easy maintenance in relation to marine aquarium fish.

All these characteristics have made them the most demanded aquarium fish by aquarists around the world.

Among the tropical aquarium fish, there are extremely resistant species such as the  Paradise fish or the  Siamese Fighters  (Betta fish), which better withstand temperature fluctuations and low levels of oxygenation.

On the contrary, there are also species that are very sensitive and difficult to keep, such as Discus fish: only suitable for experienced aquarists.

When acquiring a new specimen of aquarium fish, we must look beyond the color or appearance of the animal, and we must not lose sight of considerations such as compatibility, available space, or the physiological needs of each species.

Best Tropical Aquarium Fish

What are the best tropical aquarium fish?

For example, fish that eat algae are very useful, cleaning the leaves of aquatic plants and improving their photosynthesis. Some species are  Crossocheilus siamensis, Epalzeorhynchos bicolor, Epalzeorhynchos frenatus, Otocinclus affinis, Poecilia reticulata  (guppy),  Poecilia sphenops  (molly), or  Farlowella accus.

The cleaner fish also have a great role in tropical planted tanks because oxygenate the substrate and prevent organic matter to accumulate decomposed or removed particles of the groundcover plants and improve photosynthesis.

Corydora pepper or Corydoras paleatus: cold water cleaner fish

They are not introduced when the aquarium is just planted, as they can dig up the roots of some aquatic plants. Some pool cleaner fish are those of the genus Botia,  Corydoras, Pangio or  Acanthopsis.

The tropical aquarium fish usually swim on the surface are, for example, the  Betta splendens  (Siamese Fighting highly territorial),  Carnegiella strigata, kryptopterus bicirrhis, Xiphophorus maculatus  (platy), and fish genus  Poecilia  (guppys and mollies) or  Colisa  (gouramis), among many others.

The Betta fish are incredibly appreciated by aquarists because of their fins long and its colorful flashy (displaying combinations of red, blue, green, white, yellow, orange …).

Blue and red betta fish.  Most popular aquarium fish.

blue betta fish.  Most beautiful aquarium fish.

Yellow betta fish.  Most beautiful aquarium fish.

Red betta fish.  Most beautiful aquarium fish.

Aquarium Betta fish are very territorial, and you cannot keep two specimens together in a small aquarium unless it is for breeding purposes.

In the section “Aquarium fish” we discuss all the topics related to feeding, reproduction, and maintenance of the aquarium Betta fish.

Best Planted Aquarium Fish

For their part, the favorite fish in aquatic landscaping  (especially in the more minimalist Japanese styles such as Iwagumi or naturalistic landscaping) are tetra fish.

Tetra are small and incredibly colorful, they have a gregarious behavior and swim in more or less numerous groups, which is why they produce an impressive effect on the underwater landscapes of our fish tank.

Bank of Cardinal Tetras in Planted Aquarium

Some examples of tetra fish are the cardinal tetra, the black ghost tetra, the emperor tetra, the neon tetra, etc. Harlequin fish or cherry barbel are also highly valued in aquatic landscaping.

On the other hand, there are large aquarium fish that are compatible with aquatic plants, since they do not damage them, and can also be kept in the same tank as smaller fish (although they can sometimes prey on, for example, cardinal tetra or young harlequin fish).

Dwarf gourami fish, one of the most kept freshwater fish in the aquarium

The most popular large aquarium fish species in aquarium hobbies and planted aquariums are the  Scalar or Angelfish  (Pterophyllum scalare), the  Flag Cichlid  (Mesonauta Festivus), the  Discus Fish  (Symphysodon discus), the  Pearl Gourami  (Trichogaster leeri) , the  Silver Gourami  (Trichogaster microlepis) or the  Blue Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus), among many others.

Fish tank not compatible with planted aquariums

There are also a number of species of freshwater aquarium fish that cannot be kept in planted aquariums, either because they are herbivores and tend to feed on natural aquarium plants (such as some of the large Characins), or because of their aggressive behavior. (certain Cichlids) or just clumsy (like the Tinfoil Barbel or the Key Barbel) ends up destroying the plants.

Cold water fish for aquarium

The cold water fish come from areas where there are seasonal fluctuations in temperature, so live well in water at room temperature (18 – 20) and can withstand are ups and downs on the temperature quite broad.

Tropical aquarium fish, on the other hand, need a higher and strictly stable temperature (because temperature fluctuations cause them great physiological stress, and can lead to diseases).

Cold water aquarium with goldfish

One of the most popular cold water aquarium fish (although not the only one available) is the  Goldfish.

Also known as Goldfish or  Gold Carp  (Carassius auratus), it was one of the first fish to be kept in an aquarium by man, due to its great resistance. It can be said that he participated in the beginnings of the aquarium hobby.

It is one of the most widespread species today, and the one that has suffered the most from the incompetencies of a hobby still in development (since it is the typical species that many put in a simple crystal ball, or in poorly conditioned aquariums without taking into takes into account your needs for space, temperature, power and water quality).

In fact, these are fish that need more or less large aquariums and preferably live with another member of their species.

Goldfish are not the only cold-water aquarium fish that we can find on the market.

In fact, there is a whole assortment of exotic cold-water fish, both large and small, that will turn your aquarium into a showcase of life and color.

feeding and reproduction of fish for aquarium

The fish food has evolved at the same aquatics. Although the most common is flake food for fish, little by little aquarists are becoming aware of the need for other types of more complete feeding for aquarium fish.

A  very cheap option, which is gaining more and more followers, is home-grown fish food.

peas cold water fish food

flake food for guppies

grindal worms

There are small animals such as red mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, or worms, which complement the diet with scales very well and significantly improve the health and appearance of our aquarium fish.

Another type of fish food widely used today (always depending on the species of fish and its needs) are the meat of non-fatty white fish, the eggs of fish such as cod or crustaceans, the orange part of the mussel or spinach, and the lettuce  (for algae – eating fish).

At Acuarema we talk extensively about growing fish food at home, and we discover the best foods for aquarium fish.

On the other hand, we also spent time explaining the keys to the reproduction of certain highly commercial aquarium fish species.

Of special interest among aquarists is the breeding of the Betta fish or the breeding of the discus fish.

buy freshwater aquarium fish

Buying aquarium fish is a task that should be done only when the aquarist is well informed about the characteristics and physiological needs of the species he wants to acquire.

Once we know the species suitable for the aquarium project that we want to set up, and the optimal number of specimens, it is advisable to look for a physical or online aquarium store that allows us to buy aquarium fish in good condition.

In the aquarium fish section of Acuarema, we dedicate a space to analyze the aquarium stores that exist on the net and in the different cities of Spain and Latin America so that you can find the best deals and prices on aquarium fish.

We collect aquarist reviews, shopping experiences, and price history and make buying aquarium fish easy for hobbyists.

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