Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Lighting & best aquarium light for plants

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Marine aquariums are profitable and gorgeous if you can build them intelligently. Effort, intelligent thinking, the right tools and equipment make them a beautiful show-piece. So, do you want to get a lively aquarium?

LED lighting in every aquarium set-up to make it visually appealing is a necessary light Good lighting can bring life to an otherwise dull aquarium.

However, not only does coral wall aquariums look beautiful, lighting is also an essential element in ensuring healthy coral growth. Most corals kept in reef tanks rely on light to produce photosynthesis and energy for themselves.

Today I will present a review of the current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light, a popular choice among reef tank keepers. Although this light is made specifically for marine tanks, freshwater fitted tank keepers have a great result using it.

Even a chic or trendy product may not be the right choice for you. Because everyone’s needs are different and it depends on many factors.

Will it have the right LED lighting for your aquarium? Take a few minutes and continue reading to get the answer.

Presenting the current USA Orbit Marine LED

Current USA Orbit Marine LED Aquarium Light


Current USA Orbit Marine LED lights are available in four different sizes.

18 to 24-inch

24 to 36-inches

36 to 48-inches

48 to 60-inches

The upgraded version of the product features a wireless LOOP application control feature that brings your aquarium a vibrant environment in a whole new way.

The lighting unit presents a combination of 8,000K / 12,000K white spectrum with 445nm / 460nm actinic blue and full-spectrum RGB. It makes the perfect habitat for marine fish, reptiles, live rock and coral.

Photosynthesis develops without hindrance, so plants and corals get the food they need under this current USB Orbit Marine LED.

The LOOP application connects and syncs lights, pumps and accessories on a single, controllable network. This feature enables you to create dynamic weather effects including water wave and flow control.

When the fitted tank guards took it, they got remarkably positive results. These coral keepers played a helpful role in reviving their corals, bringing more life and color.

If you are struggling to create a flowering plant in your aquarium, you can probably try this masterpiece.

What is a box?

One Orbit Marine LED Fixing

Two adjustable docking mounts

One 12V DC wool power supply

A loop light and wave pump controller

A wireless LED remote control

One LED light HB (up to 2 lights connected)

A guide manual

Current USA Orbit Marine LED Review- Features and Benefits

current USA Orbit Marine LED

This light is popular among aquarium keepers, and you will get lots of positive feedback from its users. Here I am presenting a few highlighted features of the product to their advantage. Go through it and hopefully, you’ll be able to make your purchasing decision.

Perfect color spectrum

Current USA Orbit Marine LED lights create an unlimited color spectrum with heavy blue parts. A higher proportion of actinic blue light in the full spectrum combination creates the perfect environment for marine inhabitants.

Uniform light distribution

120 ° wide-angle scattering lenses help distribute colors evenly throughout the aquarium. The feature ensures an honest color mix, which is significant for preventing darkspots and maintaining healthy coral and live rock.

But the proper color combination and distribution ensures better aesthetics, making your aquarium amazing.

Especially for corals in reef tanks, blue and violated spectrum are vital for coral growth and coloring. Ideal for live rock, coral and vice versa.

Multiple color modes

From an aesthetic point of view, this light is incredible. This can create some mind-blowing effects in your aquarium. You can mimic the cloud covering effect, the storm modes will blow you away, complete with lightning.

Also, you can set the lights to display the natural cycle 24 hours a day – including an innovative evening mode with moon and evening. You can recreate a completely natural marine environment for your pet.


Wave pump control

This unique feature is an integral part of the current U.S. patented LOOP system for syncing light with a pump on a single device. It can create the effect of avy-wave by reducing or increasing the flow of water (connecting to 3 efflux wave pumps).

Also, it gives fish and corals time to slow down the flow rate of water. There is an LED display unit to show the flow of water.

Slowly ramp up

A sudden increase in light can push your fish, especially if it is a sensitive species. The current USA Orbit Marine features a great alternative to comfort aquarium residents.

The slow ramp of light intensity helps the fish and corals to gently adapt to the new light source. Reef tank keepers will be excited to see this feature.

Adjustable docking mounts

The current USA Orbit Marine Light is available in four sizes each variant is designed for a wide range of aquarium sizes. Adjustable docking mounts make it fit for a variety of tank sizes.

Unfortunately, however, there are some complaints against the docking mount quality. At the touch of water, the docking mounts and screws become rusty. It looks strange and also adds health risks to aquarium occupants.

Plug and play setup

Really effortless to install lights – just plug and play. This means you just set the stability, plug it in and it will start working in its default settings.

You can take your time to read the instructions and apply any customized advanced settings. Initially, programming a timer can be a little time consuming.

Good customer support

You will find user instructions with the box which is very helpful for new users. The product is made by a well-known brand famous for its customer-focused strategies. They offer a 1-year warranty period for current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED lights.

Pros & Cons


Premium quality and outstanding efficiency.

Distributes light evenly in each corner of the aquarium.

Water resistant.

Provide the perfect color spectrum for coral growth.

Easy to install in wide tank shape with adjustable mounts.

Light slow ramp up helps the fish earn.

There are a variety of attractive color modes for enhanced aesthetics.

Goes silently.


The wires from the light to the controller are not long enough.

The mounts and their screws can rust if the top is exposed.

What should you consider before buying a current USB Orbit Marine Aquarium LED light?

First, the size of your aquarium should be considered. These lights are available in four different sizes that cover tanks from 18 ″ to 60 – choose the one that suits you best.

The second consideration is your budget – this light is not a cheap product but worth its price. Still, you are not willing to invest so much money in your aquarium, especially if you are a newcomer.

Finally, you need to have a covered tank. Due to its history of rusting on mounting docks, I do not recommend this light for any exposed tanks.

best aquarium light for plants Review

Is everything beautiful and bright? What use is an aquarium if you don’t see anything? All the beautiful fish, crabs, decorations and plants, for which you have invested a lot of money, should ultimately be their own. A dark aquarium is a pretty annoying thing – so keep the aquarium light on, brighter.

Types of lighting for the aquarium

Adequate (but not too much) lighting is not only important but good aquarium lighting should also be purchased. However, this does not mean that it should be expensive. If you take a moment and read the matter with us, you will get the right light for less money depending on your needs.

First, we distinguished between different strategies:

Fluorescent tube

Led lamp

Halogen lamp

HQI burner

In addition to the different techniques, there are different types of attachments such as hanging lamps or surface-mounted lamps. There are also many accessories like matching reflectors, which significantly increase the efficiency of aquarium lighting.

Be careful – nothing can go wrong!

The work of light

Aquarium lighting is not only used for the owner of small water biotops in the living room. Light is one of the four basic elements that make life possible for all aquatic inhabitants in the first place. In addition to clean water, adequate food and a good supply of oxygen, proper aquarium lighting is of fundamental importance for the development and health of all organisms. But just as you can do great harm with too much or too little food, misused aquarium lights are also a danger to residents.

Food source light

For aquarium plants, light represents a food source. Only aquarium illumination can start the process of photosynthesis, which allows plants to filter carbon dioxide from the water. Aquarium also feeds fish with light plants because you return oxygen to the water in the same process. For animals, however, aquarium light is not the only source of food

Fish need a feel-good environment

Too long, too bright, too many lamps – the wrong aquarium light can also be a stress factor for tank fish, crabs and snails. All animals have a natural biorhythm that claims altered light conditions. For this the dose, type, amount and duration of light is something that needs to be made appropriately with the aquarium. Basically, the 12 hour change is the minimum frequency at which the aquarium light should be equipped. Professional and experienced aquarium owners allow aquarium lights to burn for a maximum of 9-11 hours, usually with a three-hour break for lunch. This is why a timer is a useful addition to aquarium lighting.

Just imitate the sun

On the other hand, it is wrong to place an aquarium with a window. To preserve aquarium lighting. This is especially true of small aquariums. The intensity of the sun is much stronger. For comparison: Sunlight is calculated with an intensity of 100,000 lux. The artificial light of aquarium light reaches an intensity of only 300 lux. An aquarium that is illuminated by the sun is nothing more than a natural state. The unhealthy heated aquarium is an immediate consequence of the bursting of water and algae. Aquatic life has no eyelids – bright sunlight, which fish can rarely avoid, is a high stress burden for them. For this the following is applied: The lighter the aquarium light, the better. The change from light to dark phase will not happen suddenly, but by a smooth transition. The aquarium on the market provides plenty of dimmers that can perfectly mimic natural sunrises and sunsets with illumination. Cloud simulators, which repeatedly dim the aquarium light during bright phase times, are even better. This gives the aquarium a whole new and much more natural atmosphere. Properly dosed, the growth of aquarium algae can also be significantly reduced with clever light management. Special lighting computers for aquarium lighting control A canopy simulated with aquarium illumination can also achieve great effects depending on the ideal animal species used. A light “rainy day”

Make the best use of existing aquarium illumination

You should make full use of your available abilities before throwing yourself into expenses. Good aquarium lighting can be optimized up to 100% with cheap reflectors for With the help of a diffuser, hard, point or line focused light is converted into a warm and soft spread. Optimally used aquarium lighting is always preferred for multiple switching of several lamps. It saves electricity and so your wallet saves

Are there any lights?

LED lamps,halogen lamps, HQI burners and fluorescent tubes are available as illumination for aquarium lighting. HQI burners, fluorescent tubes and above all halogen lamps produce not only light, but also sufficient heat. This must be considered when planning an aquarium. On the other hand, LED lights are always relatively cool. This is especially noticeable through low power consumption.

Led lamp

In contrast to domestic use and signal technology, LED lamps have not yet established themselves in aquarium lighting. But these are long lasting and it is completely harmless to dispose of. However, the light intensity of LED aquarium light is still much inferior to high-performance lamps such as HKII torches or halogen lamps. They are suitable as an alternative to small aquariums with water columns up to 50 cm.

Fluorescent tube

The fluorescent tube consists of a thin-walled glass tube in which an illuminated gas is excited by a high voltage. The fluorescent tube is still standard in aquarium lighting today. These are inexpensive, easy to replace and easy to manage. If they are replaced almost as prescribed. 10,000 (T8) or 20,000 (T5) operating hours, nothing stands in the way of healthy and safe development of aquarium residents. Aquarium lighting with fluorescent tubes is especially attractive for beginners.

Halogen lamp

A halogen lamp produces very bright light, like a point. It is also suitable as aquarium lighting for targeted lighting of several prominent points of the tank. The light cone can be slightly widened with the help of diffusers and reflectors. The standard use of a halogen lamp as aquarium illumination, however, is point lighting for greater water depth. For this reason, several halogen lamps are always used in large and deep aquariums.

HQI burner

HQI burners are brighter than halogen lamps. Suitable for experienced acupuncturists, these lamps work with mercury vapor. This requires special protection and defensive measures. They glow very brightly, generate a lot of heat and need to be replaced regularly. They are suitable for large-area aquarium illumination in deep tanks. Unlike halogen lamps, HQI burners produce uniform illumination that extends to great depths. They are suitable as aquarium lighting for pools that have a large water depth but a compact footprint.

What else needs to be considered

Like HQI burners, fluorescent tubes always contain a certain amount of mercury. In the worst case, a faulty fluorescent tube can also pose a threat to the aquarium. If aquarium illumination falls into the water, it is certainly not beneficial for the fish. Therefore, never install fluorescent tubes directly above the water. Aquarium lighting always includes a glass blade as a protective screen.

Water depth, color, time

LED lamps and fluorescent tubes up to two and a half meters of water are sufficient. Also requires halogen lamps and HQI burners as aquarium lighting. The growth of plants can be affected by the color of the aquarium light. Growth lights, for example, contain yellow color and are especially suitable in the early stages of the aquarium. However, which aquarium lighting is correct can only be determined through intensive research and information.


Our favorite for ordinary pools is the LED lamp lamp Sooner or later it will win the aquarium lighting and occupy the market. This is not only due to low power consumption (which is becoming more expensive), but also in longevity. If you do not have a lot of money, you can start with a fluorescent tube.

It is important for all lighting that it is splash-proof. If you have some more money available, you can get dimmers to mimic rainy days, clouds and different times of the day, but also awnings. It should be noted, however, that the fish survive that way and a simple timer with a light source of your choice is not perfect, but completely sufficient. With proper lighting you can best control the biorhythms of plants and animals and thus influence their development.

There are entry-level sets for beginners, which are sometimes more and sometimes less. Many large manufacturers charge a lot of money for a complete lighting system. Therefore, inform yourself adequately before deciding on lighting arrangements for the aquarium.

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